Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs )

As is small business and is growing in popularity at an amazing rate, we now find it impossible to answer all the enquiries that come in to us, we are sorry about this and really wish we could talk to everyone, but hopefully your answer is below. If you really feel that your answer isn't below, please e-mail us at the bottom of this page. We cannot guarantee an answer - priority has to be given to existing customers and current orders.

Please read the FAQ first.

1: These are common general questions along with the answers...

Do you have ? / send me a catalogue.

Sorry, no. We do not have a printed catalogue, everything available is on the website.

Do you deliver outside the UK.
Sorry, no, not yet. (But we hope to real soon!)

Do you sell ....? / Where can I buy ? 
If you can't find it on the web site, then we do not sell it. We are unable to recommend other suppliers for these goods.

Send me a sample / Donate a freebie / Spons
or me / Worthy Causes
These requests come in daily we are not a large multi-national company - we are a small team running a small professional business. Due to the number of these type of requests, the answer to all of these now has to be no, sorry.

How do I use this product / what is the best way to achieve this result/ how much of this do I have to add, ........?
On the CD-ROM provided we have comprehensive Help which we hope will assist you. We have divided the help files into Conceptual Help and Proceedural Guidance areas. However, we do not know all the answers to everything, we try to update the 'help' pages as and when we we learn from our own experiences and staff. The video clips on the CD-ROM live up to the expression 'a picture is worth a thousand words' and we feel work really well.

Can you do reciprocal links?
We do not exchange reciprocal links because we (currently) feel the effort and managerial time needed detracts from our core business activities.

2: Questions about the goods we sell...

Please tell me more abou
t this product.
All the information/pictures available for each item is on the website. 

Can I print your templates on my printer? 
Please consult your printer handbook or manufacturer. Where appropriate we have, on the CD-ROM, placed links to the main printer manufactures referance pages. These sites will tell you all you need to know about your printer, it's just a matter of finding the relavent pages. (We looked for ages for one of our printers, an HP1125C. We were convinced that the printer could only print A3. However, after nearly a week of delving into the copious data on the HP site we were well pleased, as a banner facility was discovered. - In the end it was really easy!) (It was all in 'Start/'Settings/Printers/File/Properties/Features/Banner!)

Do you have trade/discount prices for large orders?
No, all of our prices are structured for the individual to make a DIYtie and sell them on, in this respect some are already at trade level. However, should you wish to purchase the DIYtie IPR or copyright please contact us.

3: Questions about how we trade or operate...

Can I open an account ?
Sorry, no. We do not have to staff to operate at this level

I cannot get through to you by telephone.
Please e-mail, it's much quicker and cheaper. Messages that are left on the answerphone are only picked up a couple of times a day. Some may not get answered at all - as there just isn't enough hours in the day to do it ! Telephone Messages are regarded as the lowest priority, e-mails the highest.

You haven't answered my e-mail.
Please give us a chance - some questions do need longer to answer -  we cannot work 24/7 and again we have to prioritise e-mails. If your question is in the FAQ - it will not be answered at all. 
But -
some emails do get lost! So try again if you do not hear back in a few days.

4: Questions about your order & delivery...

I have just placed an order, when will it arrive?
As soon as we receive your cheque, most orders are despatched to you within 48 hours by different methods, many are sent on the same day that you place the order - BUT - we are reliant on the postal/carrier services.
Please allow 10 working days before enquiring

I have only received part of my order 
We send from several distribution points, if you order several goods, they may not arrive at the same time. Please wait for the rest to arrive.

Can I pay you extra for a 24 hour guaranteed delivery ?
Sorry No, this is not possible at the moment.

Do you have an extra delivery charge or + VAT for mainland UK?

All prices include postage and packing & delivery. We feel that it is better if the price you initially see is the total price for the goods.

Northern Ireland, I.O.Man, Scilly, Channel Is,? (not UK mainland ?)
We can be charged a hefty rate for some of these areas which we cannot absorb in our prices - we will ask you to pay 15.00  for delivery. We now use Royal Mail special delivery,  please email us before placing an order if you are in doubt.
Business Customers
If you cancel for no good reason, we will retain 25% or £10 of the total order value (which ever is the higher) to cover processing fees.
You are a business if you are making goods and selling to the public, no matter how large or small. Organisations, Authorities and Companies are also businesses.

Can I buy online from the website... 
No, not yet -sorry. We have found that occasionally the way a computer has been set up (Firewalls/Browsers/Cookies etc) can affect the way a shopping cart works and creates too many enquires. (This may change in the near future)


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